How to Find YOUR "Paycheck Keywords"

Step 1: Watch this video which explains how to Find YOUR “Paycheck Keywords”


Step 2: Access Resources Mentioned in the Video

FREE Resources mentioned in the Video

#1 – Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics

#2 – Install on WordPress

How to Setup Analytics for WordPress

#3 – Download Transcript

How to Find Your Paycheck Keywords Video Transcript

Step 3: Track your Paycheck Keywords using a Rank Tracking Service

While the above video show tracking your Paycheck Keywords in Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker (which requires the Full registered version of Market Samurai) you can use the techniques in the video to track your keywords in any Rank Tracking service of your choice, including SEOMoz, RavenTools and ahrefs. Simply copy and paste the keywords from the spreadsheet in Part 3 of the video into your favorite Rank Tracking software.